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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Memo to IBM (NYSE: IBM) workers who thought the latest round of job cuts was over: Wrong

New “resource action” – IBM speak for layoffs – documents provided to Alliance @ IBM on Friday added another 140 workers to the cut list plus two more work groups.

The count now is 1,790 with employees in 26 groups being told to find work elsewhere within IBM or leave. Workers are offered severance and other benefits.

Here’s how one disgruntled IBMer described the latest cuts:

“1,790 American employees have been executed under operation roadkill so far in 2012. 2,210 more to come this year to make the 2015 roadmap. The disciplined execution continues. War has been declared on the people of the United States of America. We need to unite and fight back! Don’t let the American dream die. One RA at at time, they want you gone. The fight is on — Save America!”

The posting name: “Joe Punchclock.”

The reference to “disciplined execution” is to CEO Virginia Rometty’s letter to shareholders in IBM’s annual report for 2011 in which she cites “disciplined execution” as a key factor in Big Blue’s continuing success.

The Cut List

Here’s the latest list as provided by the union seeking to represent IBM workers. GTS, STG and other terms refer to organizations within IBM:

  • GTS Public Sector Delivery/IBM Global Account: 59
  • GTS Delivery Application Hosting: 183
  • Corporate Marketing and Communications: 18
  • STG Systems Agenda Delivery: 106
  • GTS finance: 23
  • GTS Delivery Security Risk Management: 39
  • BT/IT Global Workforce Web Processes: 22
  • Software Group East Region Sales: 40
  • GTS MTS Delivery solutions/support: 23
  • GTS Delivery SSO: 57
  • GTS ITS: 128
  • GTS Delivery Distributed Server Mgmt.: 179
  • AMS Commercial Delivery: 118
  • GBS Consulting Services Industrial Sector: 25
  • BT/IT Application & Infrastructure service Mgmt: 78
  • ISC Global Procurement: 50
  • GBS Application Innovation Services: 54
  • STG Sales: 71
  • STG Tech Development: 76
  • BT/IT Business Transformation: 91
  • GTS Maintenance and Tech support East: 45
  • Sales Transaction Hub: 15
  • Strategy and Sales Transformation: 12
  • AMS IBM Global Account: 138
  • HR Talent (Corporate): 112
  • GBS Consulting Services Distribution Sector: 28

Based on comments posted by workers since the layoffs began last month at the Alliance website, some of the affected people are based in RTP, where IBM employs around 10,000 people.

Big Blue describes the job cuts as a “rebalancing” and won’t disclose specific job cuts or where “rebalancing” is taking place.

If and when more notices come in, they will be posted here.

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