Today is deadline day for companies to apply for grants from NC IDEA.

The Durham-based firm awards non-dilutive cash grants to startups twice a year totaling around $400,000. To apply for the next round, firms must do so by March 9.

A Charlotte entrepreneur and grant winner encourages others to apply.

Chris Halligan of startup OtherScreen wrote a letter to the Business Innovation and Growth council about the success his firm has enjoyed and how other entrepreneurs can help.

“Sometimes, people tell me that it’s difficult to start a company in Charlotte.

“The reality, of course, is that it’s hard to start a company anywhere.

“OtherScreen was founded in Charlotte. Presently, we’re engaged with our first customer – FOX Charlotte. That’s the way it’s supposed to work in an entrepreneurial ecosystem: The big companies help the small companies, who grow and return the favor. I think it’s inspiring and cool that it’s happening to us – right here, right now.

“The other thing we’re seeing is that the entrepreneurial community is helping us from a grassroots level as well. Other entrepreneurs are supporting the process by watching FOX News Edge and using OtherScreen. That’s exactly how it is in the best entrepreneurial communities: People help each other along and the community prospers.

“I’m sure there are people in the BIG family who don’t know about what OtherScreen and FOX Charlotte are doing together. I think they’d like to know. I suspect that many would be more than happy to watch, play along and share the concept with their friends and colleagues.”

Click here for NC IDEA application.

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