Aiming to entice more online browsers to become buyers, a Durham startup is now offering its customers the ability to entice shoppers with “Smart Offers” in real time.

Building off its so-called Smart Content technology that uses live analytics of individual web traffic – what it calls “automated intelligence” – Spring Metrics on Tuesday rolled out Smart Offers which are pre-packaged product offerings.

Spring Metrics has been testing the Smart Offers since November, and Chief Executive Officer Peter Bourne says customers are realizing “an average 16 percent increase” in purchases.

“We’re seeing a trend for instant results and for better conversion rates of shoppers to buyers,” Bourne said in an interview. “We’re responding to those demands with this release.”

Bourne, who was named CEO in February, said Smart Offers takes Smart Content to a new level of offerings to online merchants. “It gives customers a real-time experience and buying opportunity that is relevant and personalized,” he explained.

Spring Metrics aims to help merchants increasing buying from existing website visitors rather than having to incur the expense of attracting new traffic. The firm also says its users are driving up conversion rates of visitors to buyers from an industry-wide average of 2 percent. Some clients have already increased revenues by more than 30 percent, Bourne said.

The company describes itself as a “real-time conversion acceleration and tracking” firm. Visitors are profiled and targeted by an automated sales agent.

Special offers can be pre-packaged and designed for certain kinds of visitors such as “lurkers” who visit but don’t buy. Spring Metrics also links in to social media visits and profiles.

According to the company, Smart Offers can be catered to a client’s needs and focus on such options as:

• Number of visits
• Previous purchases
• Amount of money spent
• Time on the site
• Keyword searches
• Referring source of the visitor
• Specific landing pages within the site

“By understanding the behavior of their customers, and then targeting promotions based on that behavior, website owners not only turn more visitors into buyers, they actually entice the buyers to spend more on each purchase,” said Shannon Bauman, director of product management.

(Note: Capitol Broadcasting, the parent of WRAL Tech Wire and, is an investor in Spring Metrics.)

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