This coming week could be huge for Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) with “Siri” perhaps getting a larger voice..

Later this year, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) may have its own voice response system.

So reports Tech Crunch.

Apple is expected to unveil its iPad 3 this coming week as well as other changes such as integration of voice-command “intelligent assistant” service Siri across other devices. The long-rumored Apple TV may launch as well. Meanwhile, Google is gearing up to compete with Siri with its own voice system – Assistant.

“The rumored television product could indeed be ground-breaking, not just for television, but for computing as a whole,” Alexia Tsotsis wrote Friday. She also said that Apple is likely to “integrate Siri into Apple TV as well as other [Apple mobile operating system] iOS devices.”

Meanwhile, Google is gearing up a response to Siri with a project reportedly called Assistant. The Android team has three focal points, Tsotsis said:

“1) Get the world’s knowledge into a format a computer can understand.

“2) Create a personalization layer — Experiments like Google +1 and Google+ are Google’s way of gathering data on precisely how people interact with content.

“3) Build a mobile, voice-centered “Do engine” (‘Assistant’) that’s less about returning search results and more about accomplishing real-life goals.”
Google also reportedly plans to open the service up to outside developers, Tsotsis said.

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