The medical device tax, which will collect $20 billion from device makers over 10 years, is set to go into effect Jan. 1, 2013 and some companies are beginning to enumerate how much it will cost them.

Stung by what he believes will kill jobs and choke innovation, John Eckberg, a spokesman for the Cook Group, an Indiana-based medical device firm, decided that people really need to understand the wide swath of U.S. territory that will be affected by the device tax. He enlisted a colleague to call all 400 signatories of the letter written by the Medical Device Manufacturers Association that was sent to Congress to urge the repeal of the device tax.

And then decided to plot the impact on a map with the list of the locations of companies and their operations. Makes for a fascinating glimpse.

[Twelve of those firms are based in the Triangle, by the way.]

Check out the interactive map here.

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