SportsMedia Technology, the multiple Emmy Award winning Durham firm that behind the scenes delivers some of the leading-edge graphics tools used in live sports casts and other events, has acquired a Florida company that focuses on display systems and scoring technology used at many of the world’s highest profile sporting events.

The deal for Information and Display Systems in Jacksonville, Fla. doubles SMT in size to more than 230 employees.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Florida company will remain based in Jacksonville.

SMT utilized $12.5 million in capital it secured from Vincent Capital Partners in 2010 to fund the deal.

The acquisition takes SMT from TV and computer screens into stadiums where IDS technology is used to display statistics and other information.

The companies have been in negotiations since the fall of 2011 after IDS “need to recapitalize,” SMT said in the deal announcement.

“SMT and IDS combined as one company, with its inherent synergies, will prove to be greater than the sum of the two companies apart,” said SMT Chief Executive Officer Gerard Hall. “This will be one of those rare and elusive strategic partnerships where one plus one really does equal three.”

Hall, who founded SMT, will serve as CEO of the combined company.

The deal also expands SMT’s footprint to Europe, Australia and Asia.

“SMT and IDS will leverage their formerly independent research and development departments to ensure that the next generation of SMT and IDS products and services will exhibit unprecedented levels of integration between live data creation and live data presentation across all screen sizes and platforms, whether in-stadium, broadcast, web or mobile devices,” SMT said.

IDS technology is used at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the Masters and will be utilized at the upcoming summer Olympic Games in London.

SMT technology most recently was featured on NBC for the Super Bowl.

“We have at a single stroke doubled the size of SMT,” Hall said. “I am very excited about the potential for leveraging the talents and resources of this combined company to achieve marketplace, technology and financial goals that would have been beyond the reach of either company operating separately.”

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