Revgenues and profits are up, hiring as resumed – Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) is on the mend. But Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Chambers warns that the company still has a great deal of work to do in what he described as a “journey.”

In a conference call to discuss quartertly earnings, on Thursday, Chambers gave a state of the company overview to analysts.

A portion of his remarks follows as provided by SeekingAlpha:

John Chambers Remarks

“Good progress but a long way to go, good journey. In every major market transition over the last 20 years, we have historically emerged stronger and with more market share and with intense target focus. In our opinion, we are on our way to doing the same once again. But it is a journey, and we are still in the early stages.

“You will continue to see us move aggressively to pull away from our competitors as they adjust to these market challenges, having already made these changes well ahead of our competition. This is also a competitive advantage for us, in our opinion.

“Industry challenges and our own challenges this year cause us to make needed changes. But as we said last quarter and I’m repeating this quarter, we will not stop here. We will aggressively continue to change and transform and drive our Cisco entrepreneurial spirit through the combination of innovation and operational excellence.

“At the same time, we will maintain our laser focus on creating value for our shareholders, customers, partners and employees. You will continue to see us a very focused, innovative, agile, aggressive and lean Cisco moving forward.

“The major transitions from an information technology to business technology are accelerating in our enterprise, service provider, public sector and commercial accounts, and across most industries and geographies. Although we are only in the early stages of this transformation, our ability to use innovative solutions and intelligent networks to enable our customers to achieve their goals and their growth, productivity, cost savings, new consumption and business models is increasing and achieving increased customer acceptance.

“These are, in many ways, unusual times. On one hand, the business feels good. The demand for Cisco products and services is healthy, and our relationship with our customers are the strongest they have ever been. On the other hand, there is significant uncertainty in the broader macro environment, and as such, it is prudent for us to remain conservative in our outlook for the second half of the fiscal year. For the remainder of FY ’12, you can expect us to make the required investments to advance our market leadership and drive innovation while holding to our financial model.”

Read the full transcript here.

Cisco operates its second largest corporate campus in RTP.

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