Editor’s note: Kelly Campbell is president and co-founder of Interface Technologies in Raleigh and vice president for technology of the
Association for Corporate Growth’s Raleigh-Durham chapter.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – D. Keith Pigues, author of “Winning with Customers” and Dean of the NCCU School of Business and the featured speaker to an audience of Triangle executives at an event hosted by the Raleigh Durham Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, issued a challenge to attendees.

Piques began his presentation by challenging the audience to put their customers at the center of their businesses.

All too often, companies spend too much time talking about their capabilities, products, and services and not enough time listening to the needs of their customers.

He extended his challenge with additional questions:

1. What do you do for your customers?
2. How does it help them make money?
3. How much more money do they make doing business with you versus the competition?

According to Piques, a focus on your customer’s profitability is the key to creating value and forming lasting relationships. Piques defined differential value as the additional money customers make from doing business with you. Customers are willing to pay a premium for your products and services when you can demonstrate that you are making them more money.

Piques also believes you should ask your customers where they would invest in your business to get the best results for themselves. This exercise can provide insight into areas of your company that need to be strengthened or overhauled.

On February 29 ACG Raleigh Durham will host a panel of executives to discuss the ins and outs of various exits strategies, whether IPO or a sale to a strategic or financial buyer.

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