The world of ecommerce is in a constant state of flux with new terminology and more devices as well as many more applications enabling people to buy anywhere, anytime. Holiday online shopping records fell again last year.

Given those challenges, Morrisville-based ChannelAdvisor, a global provider of ecommerce related services to some of the world’s largest online sellers, has coined a new phrase that it feels captures the online buying landscape.

“New Commerce.”

ChannelAdvisor will launch the new terminology at its annual Catalyst ecommerce business conference in April.

As part of its new plan and a recently launched marketing strategy (including a new logo), ChannelAdvisor is moving Catalyst to Las Vegas. The event is set for April 16-18 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

WRAL Tech Wire interviewed ChannelAdvisor founder and Chief Executive Officer Scot Wingo about all the changes.

Please explain what you mean by New Commerce.

New Commerce describes the way that today’s consumer shops—anytime and anywhere—and the concept that retailers need to be aware of all of these new channels and learn how to engage with consumers and optimize their presence to maximize ROI on these channels.

When did ChannelAdvisor come up with the term?

We have a group of cross-department thought leaders from our offices around the world that guide our Catalyst content and theme. This year we pulled everyone together to find out what the key issues are that matter to retailers, and New Commerce was born.

What was the genesis for the idea – what need does this meet or opportunity to capitalize upon?

Today’s ecommerce world is becoming increasingly fragmented with the advent of new channels to reach consumers. We constantly field questions from our retailers about all of the many ways to reach consumers—should they invest in a custom mobile app, cross-border trade, a Facebook store, a Pinterest presence? The New Commerce Catalystconference will help retailers answer these questions and more, and will equip them with a customized strategy for the best way to approach these channels going forward.

Why choose this as the theme for your upcoming event?

New Commerce really gets to the heart of what retailers care about today—understanding where their target customers are now and where they are going, and engaging with them there. Our slogan for this show is “The best new ideas new a bold new location,” and that’s how we feel. We’re taking Catalyst to Las Vegas and taking the content to the next level. We aim to be the most innovative e-commerce conference out there, and New Commerce will bring that vision to reality.

Does ecommerce still not capture the essence of online shopping and buying regardless of device type? Was it just time for a new marketing idea?

With the emergence of new marketing channels like “m-commerce” “f-commerce” and “SoLoMo” referring to Social, Local and mobile, e-commerce is somewhat of a blanket term to cover all of these, but we wanted to be more specific and let retailers know that we’re focused on the future of commerce. There isn’t really a term that captures that idea, so we coined New Commerce.

Why did you select Las Vegas as the site for Catalyst?

There are several reason for the move to Las Vegas. First of all, in prior years, Amazon has been unable to participate in our conference due to North Carolina online sales tax laws that prohibit the company from participating in any event in the state. Given that selling on Amazon is one of the fastest growing channels for our retail customers, we wanted to host Catalyst in a location that would allow Amazon to participate. Secondly, Las Vegas is incredibly easy to get to from anywhere in the county, and is financially reasonable from a flight and lodging perspective.

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