Startups are big business in the Triangle, according to a new report.

Entrepreneurs have created 1,823 new companies that in turn have produced 40,560 jobs over the past two decades.

Those companies also drew $7.7 billion in investments from more than 600 funds worldwide between 1992 and 2011.

So says the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill and the First Flight Venture Center, a startup incubator in RTP that was formed in 1991.

The report, titled “Starting Something: The State of the Entrepreneurial Economy of North Carolina, 1992-2011,”” is believed to be the first such comprehensive survey of startups dating back to the launch of the commercial Internet and the ensuing “dot com” boom of the 1990s, says CED President Joan Siefert Rose.

The results of the study were disclosed to CED members at the group’s annual meeting in RTP on Wednesday evening. More than 300 people were scheduled to attend the event. The CED is one of the nation’s largest organizations focused on entrepreneurship with a membership numbering several thousand across North Carolina.

Researchers found a wide variety of home-grown firms across life science and high-tech with a mixture of manufacturing and financial services mixed in. Of those, many chose to grown “organically” rather than seeking outside investors, Rose noted.

The report also identified what she called the “entrepreneurial big stars” of the “next 10 years or so” as the successors to well-established tech success stories such as SAS, Cree and Quintiles.

Among the emerging stars are ChannelAdvisor, an e-commerce services firm, Geomagic, a 3-D software firm, DigitalSmiths, a video technology firm, Semprius, a chip technology startup, and Liquidia, an emerging player in nanotechnology.

Meanwhile, some 200 companies that were acquired by firms outside the Triangle, have remained located in the region and are helping RTP maintain and build upon its history as a hub for research-and-development, Rose noted.

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