SAS is putting on an aggressive show of new and expanded technology as well as unveiling a list of additional customers at the National Retail Federation’s annual “Big Show” this week in New York.

For example, DSW, a national retail shoe store chain, has signed up with SAS to help make sure its 328 shops have inventory to meet the needs of customers down to the most prevalent sizes at each location.

SAS says DFW will use its Size Optimization in monitoring inventories.

“The solution predicts future sales and inventory needs by size, and determines case-pack supply to optimally meet this demand,” SAS says. “When integrated with existing merchant systems, it enables the application of this intelligence to purchasing and allocation.”

The Cary-based firm, which focuses on business intelligence, also announced deals with French retailer Leroy Merlin and Mexican department store chain El Puerto de Liverpool.

Merlin, a home improvement chain, will use SAS as part of efforts to improve its marketing campaigns. El Puerto de Liverpool will use SAS to monitor the buying of its 3-million charge card customers.

SAS also announced it is adding more capabilities to its High-Performance Computing Platform with more retail-oriented tools.

Those include Regular Prize Optimization, Promotion Optimization and Markdown Optimization.

Meanwhile, SAS Retail Planning has been expanded for customers who want better analysis in strategic planning for inventory, pricing, space usage and more.

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