Republic Wireless, a new provider of voice and data services that utilizes Wi-Fi and wireless networks for a flat fee, continues to add more tools and updates for users.

The latest is a global phone number.

Republic, which is part of Cary-based, is currently beta testing its service, utilizing Android-equipped smartphones.

The company recently secured its own country code, thus enabling its customers to place and receive calls from around the globe. “Numbers associated with the republic wireless Country Code make it easier and cheaper for your friends and family outside the US to get in touch with you,” Republic posted at its web site.

As a result, Republic is offering customers the chance to secure their own global phone number.

“Later, you’ll be able to link your World Wi-Fi Number with your republic phone and its primary domestic number,” Republic said in a blog post. “As soon as we’re ready to roll out this new feature, we’ll provide more info on what it does and how to use it.”

Republic is offering a flat-rate service for $19 per month. It primarily relies on Wi-Fi connectivity but when customers can’t access Wi-Fi the phones are to roll over to cellular service provided by Sprint.

The company also is working through various technical issues and upgrades as it gears up for a full-scale launch in 2012.

Read more about the updates here.

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