Ultrabooks, including one from Lenovo, are a “good thing for consumers.”

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal has spoken – will consumers listen?

Well apparently they are. Lenovo is reporting a four-week wait time for buyers at its online website touting one of its latest products. It’s on sale for $1,199 – a discount of $400.

The dean of technology writers says in a review of Ultrabooks from Lenovo, which operates its executive headquarters in Morrisville, and Toshiba that he “is a fan.”

“I’ve been testing a couple of the new Ultrabooks, from Lenovo and Toshiba, to get a feel for the category, and I’m a fan,” he wrote in Thursday’s Journal. “I love the idea of a machine that combines low weight with good speed and battery life, yet doesn’t compromise on keyboard and screen size.

“I found some drawbacks to both machines, and to Ultrabooks in general. For instance, like the Apple, they lack internal DVD drives and removable batteries, things that will bother some folks. And, at least for now, the Ultrabooks mostly tend to cluster at around $1,000, which rules them out for shoppers on a tight budget. But, overall, I think the advent of the Ultrabook is a good thing for consumers.”

Mossberg defines Ultrabooks as “governed by a set of specs covering everything from thinness to battery life to start-up times. But it is basically an effort to emulate the MacBook Air.”

Over the years, Mossberg has developed a tremendous following, and when he speaks people do listen. So this positive review is good news for Lenovo and Toshiba.

Acer’s Woes

What makes his review even more timely, especially for Lenovo, is the current strategic thinking at Acer. Lenovo is No. 2 in global PC sales behind HP. Dell is third, Acer fourth.

“Acer is in a bit of trouble,” TechCrunch notes. “The company saw two consecutive quarters of net losses. Sales in the third quarter were up slightly from earlier in the year but still trailed year-over-year numbers by 30 percent. Things aren’t looking good for the house of Acer/Gateway/Packard Bell.”

So where does J.T. Wang, Acer’s new CEO, place his bests for Acer’s future?

Ultrabooks, TechCrunch says. Acer plans to slash its product lines with Ultrabooks taking a much higher priority.

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