Justin Benson, a veteran software executive, is the new chief executive officer at Raleigh software startup Spreedly.

Spreedly offers subscription services from signup to upgrades and cancellations through a software-as-a-service model. The company launched in 2008.

“Spreedly handles everything you need to make money – initial signup, upgrades, cancellations, etc. – so you can build your business and not a billing system,” the company says on its website.

Benson introduced himself to Spreedly customers through a blog:

“Commerce, in many ways more than a decade old on the web, is undergoing real change. Remember when everyone sort of gave up on it in the mid 2000’s? Amazon and eBay had it all sewn up was the general conclusion. Now, mobile is helping drive ease of access,” he wrote.

“Social Networks drive down customer acquisition costs making richer niche sites possible. Technology ‘on demand creates new consumption models. Collaborative commerce can turn any one of us into a ‘producer’ or ‘consumer’ at any moment in time. Flash sales sure haven’t hurt either.

“Spreedly appealed to me for 3 major reasons. One, I love start ups and had gotten away from this world. Two, the space is undergoing significant change and growth. Probably most importantly though was that the team here had built a real, tangible service – including passionate and vocal customers!”

According to his blog, Benson has worked in SaaS in various roles over the past 15 years.

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