If early reviews and scuttlebutt are an indication of what’s to come, Epic Games is releasing another hit title on Thursday.

It’s Infinity Blade II and has nothing to do with the multi-million copy selling “Gears of War” franchise.

“Portabliss,” says Joystiq.

“The App Store has a new reigning king,” says games website IGN

“An iOS masterpiece,” raves TouchArcade.

“We put incredibly powerful devices in our pockets and on our laps daily, but rarely do we see games that utterly embrace this like Infinity Blade has,” TouchArcade says. “It’s a showcase piece; a technically and visually gifted game that consistently delivers eye-popping stuff.”

“Infinity Blade II,” which is designed to run on mobile Apple devices, or iOS, such as iPads and iPhones, goes on sale Thursday. It’s the sequel to the first Apple game developed by Epic, which is based in Cary, and its Utah-based studio Chair Entertainment which proved to be an artistic and financial success.

Not only did the original Infinity Blade amaze reviewers and players with sparkling graphics and sword play, the title also impressed its audience with a convincing story line, music and much more.

In the eyes of many, Infinity Blade set a new standard for mobile games.

Now Epic and Chair are back with a story written by a best-selling author, a soundtrack that has already released, and cutting edge graphics developed through Epic’s wildly popular Unreal game engine.

The game will sell for $6.99 as a download at iTunes. The first game generated some $20 million in revenues at a price of $2.99.

“After partaking in several one-on-one battles in a preview version of the game, Infinity Blade II features a bigger, more detailed world with even more strategic options for players to explore,” wrote a reviewer in USA Today.

“For the most part, Infinity Blade II sticks to what made its predecessor so addictive. The environments look spectacular, featuring multiple paths to explore. The combat remains rewarding, as players slowly master deft dodges and quick strikes, while the endless search for fresh weapons and armor seem to make the game very tough to put down,” the reviewer added.

Brandson Sanderson, best-selling fantasy author of “The Way of Kings,” wrote the ebook “Infinity Blade: Awakening.” It was released last month.

For a video about Infinity Blade II, click here.

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