Editor’s note: Scot Wingo is founder and chief executive officer of e-commece services provider ChannelAdvisor, which works with many of the world’s many retailers selling merchandise online.

MORRISVILLE, N.C. - One caveat with these intraday reports I wanted to highlight: With many of these channels, they can become delayed in reporting orders to us by as much as 4-6 hours during peak holiday days.

This is a high-class problem and doesn’t deteriorate the consumer experience, but it can result in under reporting on intra-days.

Tuesday’s full-day report will make sure we have gotten any delayed transactions from the channels.

CyberMonday late-day Read

As of 9 PM EST, here’s what we are seeing for CyberMonday:

  • Overall up 35.7%
  • Amazon up 58.1%
  • Search up 37.2%
  • eBay up 4.3%
  • CSE [comparison shopping engine] up 9.8%

eBags update

One of our customers, eBags, is very transparent and they are reporting (as of 10 pm EST):

  • Overall up 49%
  • Search up 111%
  • Amazon up 105%

Next up

We’ll have the final CyberMonday report in the morning.

CyberMonday 4pm EST update

  • Overall up 35.2% (the evening should lift)
  • Amazon up 52.8% (bit of an acceleration)
  • Search up 34.2%
  • eBay up 1.1% – eBay has really slowed since the 11am data check
  • CSE up 14.6%

eBags update

One of our customers, eBags, is very transparent and they are reporting (as of 4pm EST):

  • Overall up 42%
  • eBay up 76%
  • Amazon up 111%
  • Walmart.com (they are one of ~4 sellers on the fledgling Walmart marketplace) are up 7%.

Sunday Recap

Here are the ChannelAdvisor same store sales [SSS] results for Sunday:

  • Overall e-commerce grew a healthy 27.1% accelerating nicely from Thanksgiving through the weekend
  • Amazon climbed to 58.7%
  • Search accelerated to 33.8%
  • eBay came in at 15%
  • CSE [comparison shop engine] had a great showing at 14.3%, their highest levels of the year.

One interesting trend this year vs. last is that last year we saw a dip in SSS over the weekend before CyberMonday. However this year, we’re seeing much more of a steady ramp. (See chart with this post.)

Cyber Saturday

CyberSaturday is in the books and continued the trends we saw starting on Thanksgiving this year.

Last year on CyberSaturday/Sunday (the weekend after BlackFriday), we saw overall growth in e-commerce at 13%. This year for Saturday we saw 20% – a robust acceleration.

It’s too early to tell if this data point is telling us that the entire holiday season will be more of a 20% grower, or it could be that the holiday is more front-end loaded. We’ll have to wait until the first week or so of December to get a conclusion on that.


  • Overall E-commerce: was up 20.8% vs. last year’s 13%
  • Amazon continued it’s dominance amongst channels, coming in at 49.4%
  • Search grew a hearty 27.3%, continuing the acceleration that started on Thanksgiving
  • eBay came in at 12.3%, cooling a bit from the Thanksgiving/BlackFriday rates
  • CSE [comparison shop engine] had another positive day, coming in at 4%

Black Friday recap:

Day 2 of the CyberFive, Black Friday, is behind us and the results are in.

Overall we were up 20% on BF 2011 vs. BF 2010 which continues the strong Holiday 2011 trend.

  • Amazon had the biggest gains up 49.8%
  • Search was up a respectible 21.9%
  • eBay was up 15.1%
  • CSE [comparison shop engine]  was down y/y at 1.4% decline

Our earlier update on Black Friday:

[E]arly read [is] as of 4 pm we are seeing:

  • Overall e-commerce: 15.8%
  • eBay: 15.1%
  • Amazon: 47.3%
  • CSE: 5.6%
  • Search: 27.3%

So the trends continue to look solid for a [plus]17% 2011 Holiday. We won’t be able to get a complete read until CyberMonday is in the rear-view.

There’s still a lot of [Black Friday] to go and last year a lot of the activity was in the hours (I guess after shoppers got home and started searching online for the items they couldn’t find offline). Stay tuned as [Saturday] we’ll have the full Black Friday details.

Here is some color commentary on the Thanksgiving results.

  • Overall e-commerce was up 17%, matching our forecast, but below the November trend of up 28%. With only one day of the CyberFive behind us, we’ll be able to know the holiday trend by CyberMonday.
  • eBay was up a solid 14.8%. Historically eBay is back-end loaded as retail sells out and eBay becomes the go-to online destination for the hard to get items.
  • Amazon was up a solid 30%. Note that last year on Thanksgiving they were up 27.5% so that’s a bit of acceleration. While our SSS [same store sales] excludes customers less than a year old, when we peak at the ‘all-in’ data, it suggests some really big gains by newer customers.
  • Search was up 18.8%
  • CSE [comparison shop engines] was up 4.5%, it’s first materially positive showing in a year

Holiday 2011 Seven Trends Update

In this post, I wanted to highlight trend number 6 – Mobile.

Through the year, we saw traffic from mobile devices in the 6-7% range and on Thanksgiving it spiked up to 10%. What’s really interesting is that Tablets (mostly the iPad) were the majority of that at 7.8% (with Smartphones at 1.2%). It will be interesting to see if that trend inverts on BlackFriday as shoppers move from ‘Tablet couch commerce’ to shopping with their phones while they are out fighting the crowds.

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