IBM (NYSE: IBM) is an invention-producing machine, often leading the technology industry in patents. Its latest two caught the attention of Tom’s Hardware, a website that focuses on intellectual property.

One is for a fire suppression system designed to put out a blaze in a PC or a server.

The other enables the “aging” of digital files, or what the website described in a headline as: IBM Patents Idea of Making Your Data Crappier Over Time.”

Tom’s Hardware describes the fire extinguisher as a cartridge of carbon dioixed and halon. If a fire were detected by an infrared device, the machine’s power supply would be cut off and a hole would be punched in the canister, releasing the gas.

The “aging file system” would include a process that replicates natural aging such as seen in photos or paper documents. The process “automatically and selectively ages files contained therein such that the files themselves are caused to age with time and are not maintained in their originally stored state” the website said, quoting the IBM filing.

“[T]here is a need to provide such an aging function to apply automatically to all files stored on the filing system without requiring a continuing user monitoring effort,” IBM noted.

Read more details about the extinguisher here.

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