For all those frustrated home décor shoppers who can’t decide just how new furniture or painting or lamps would look in their homes, some high-tech help is now available.

Shopping search engine TheFind is offering what it calls “Camera View” as an addition to its Catalogue app for iPad 2s. It enables users to combine photos of the home with images of the possible décor purchase they spot in catalogues.

Utilizing what is called augmented reality with the iPad 2 camera, Camera View “helps you visualize how the items from the catalogs fit in your life, making it simple, easy and fun to shop,” TheFind says.

The app only works with selected products at this point, TheFind says. But the company is promising to add more catalogs and categories to its inventory for the holiday shopping season.

With TheFind’s app, camera-view users can adjust its size or placement to make it fit in better with the background, and take a photo of the juxtaposition to send to others.

(Watch a video here.)

The sort of “augmented reality” has popped up on a number of apps and video games over the past several years. It often involves using a mobile device’s camera, GPS and compass along with its access to a high-speed data network to connect online content to the real world. Online review site Yelp, for example, offers mobile apps that include a feature called “monocle” that allows you to hold up your smartphone or tablet and see information and ratings for nearby businesses.

Eventually, the feature could work with other types of products such as clothing, enabling a user to “try on” clothes by having a friend hold up a camera-equipped iPad that has a pair of jeans on its screen, adjust the size of the pants and snap a photo.

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