The latest news from IBM (NYSE: IBM):

Big Blue will build a new high-performance computer to track climate change for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and it will be based in Wyoming.

So its nickname is, naturally, Yellowstone.

And it’s a big one with a capacity of 1.6 petalops.

How fast is that?

InformationWeek explains: “At 1.6 petaflops of performance, Yellowstone will outpace NCAR’s current supercomputing system, bluefire, by a factor of nearly 30. Flop stands for floating-point operations per second, and a petaflop computer can perform a thousand trillion flops.”

IBM won the contract valued at between $25-35 million. Yellowstone is due to go online next summer.

“Yellowstone will provide needed computing resources to greatly improve our understanding of earth and produce significant benefits to society,” said Anke Kamrath, director of operations and services for NCAR’s Computational and Information Systems Laboratory.

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In other news:

• AutoTrader has embraced IBM’s Smarter Commerce, and Zacks Investment Research likes the deal.

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