The latest news from IBM (NYSE: IBM):

• Researchers at IBM’s labs in Alameda, Calif. are developing chips that could someday think like humans.

“When the chip, called Synapse, first learned to play the classic video game in March, it did poorly,” Bloomberg Businessweek says. “Weeks later, the company reports, it was nearly unbeatable.”

IBM is pushing chips beyond calculations to being able to process and react to other input.

“Computers were originally designed to solve math problems, and that’s what they’re really good at – symbolic computation,” said Steve Esser, one of three scientists teaching Synapse. “Anything that involves visual processing, auditory processing or speech processing – they can do it, but they’re just not very good at it.”

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In other news:

• IBM brings Windows to the Mainframe. eWeek has the details.

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• IBM’s Genographic Project and National Geographic track human migration.

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