By WRAL Tech Wire

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Mobile is the new way to work – including video conferencing.

MCNC is now offering Movi desktop video conferencing software at no charge to users of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) from now until Dec. 31.

MCNC is the private, non-profit operator of NCREN.

Movi is a “soft-client” application that operates with your PC or Mac to provide high-definition, telepresence-quality video communications whenever and wherever you need it. This solution allows users to participate in point-to-point and multi-point video conferences and easily integrates across the network to keep users connected.

Is Movi the same as Skype, Google Talk, or iChat? No.

Movi is industrial-strength software that integrates into any industry standards-based video conference solution, while those applications do not. It allows you to have video conferences with one or more participants; providing each participant with the ability to hear and see the other attendees as well as share any running application(s) on her/his screen in real time.

Peter Janca, Advanced Development lead for the MCNC video upgrade program, said that in the past – due to size and cost – video conferencing was limited to specially-equipped video rooms and trained operators. MCNC is testing Movi, which is Cisco’s version of a soft client, although users are not limited to communicating only to other Movi users.

“We are excited about the ways this desktop-based software can now expand the use of true video conferencing to any person with a decent connection,” said Janca. “We think it will offer our community new and cost-effective ways to collaborate, communicate, and educate.”

All Movi users must have access to a high-speed internet connection, a PC or Mac which is 3 years old or newer, and a Web cam (which is built into most recent PC or Macs).

As far as tablet computers, functionality will depend on which device, operating system, and soft client users choose to use. MCNC is encouraging people to try any soft clients they want because part of the evaluation is to see whether Movi offers something beyond what the NCREN community can get at a better cost.

Again, this pilot service is being provided to members of the NCREN Community without charge through the end of the calendar year. Users also must agree to provide timely feedback to MCNC about their experiences on the templates provided on the MCNC website.

By the end of the evaluation period, MCNC will outline whether or not Movi provided test users with the desired video conferencing experience, whether it can play a useful role within MCNC’s overall video conferencing solution strategy, and whether it is supportable – both from a front-line and back-end (scalable) viewpoint.

Interested in participating in the pilot? Click here to sign up.

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