The latest news from IBM (NYSE: IBM):

• CEO: Leadership beyond 90-day quarter is required

At the Think Conference in New York on Tuesday, CEO Sam Palmisano warned that thinking only about profits in the shortterm can put companies in the “bone pile of enterprises.”

“It’s so easy to stick to things that made you profitable,” Palmisano said, according to Cnet.

“A core responsibility of leadership is understanding when it’s time to change,” he added.

To succeed these days, Palmisano said executives must think beyond the 90-days earnings cycle. Leaders at other institutions also have to embrace long-term thinking, he added.

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• IBM to send more executives to Africa on “pro bono” assignments.

“As part of the company’s Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program, aimed at developing IBM leaders and providing skilled assistance to local governments and non-government organizations in emerging markets, IBM will send about 600 employees to Africa through 2015,” the company says. That’s double previous numbers.

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• IBM among businesses cheering the new patent law, Gannett News Service says.

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