The latest news from IBM (NYSE: IBM):

• Critics question Watson’s new role in health care, The Indianapolis Star reports

The Indianapolis Star, the hometown newspaper for healthcare insurer giant Wellpoint, is raising questions about the firm’s contract with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to use its supercomputer “Watson” in a bid to improve services and cut costs.

“Skeptics worry that the new job of Watson — the IBM supercomputer made famous on “Jeopardy!” — is more about profits than patient care,” The Star reports.
“IBM and the nation’s largest health insurer reached an agreement Sept. 12 to fill Watson’s huge data-crunching memory with a vast amount of medical information and make the supercomputer available to physicians to diagnose such intricate conditions as cancer, diabetes and kidney disease.”

The newspaper notes that Wellpoint said Watson “can assess 200 million pages of data in less than 3 seconds.”

But what will the boom line benefits be – and for whom?

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• IBM remains mum about new jobs created in Missouri, The Missourian reports.

Remember all those pledges from IBM to create hundreds of jobs in Missouri in exchange for millions in tax breaks? Just how many jobs have been created so far is not clear.

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• IBM expected to report grapheme chip breakthrough, EE Times says.

The chip industry is looking for another advance in technology from Big Blue.

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