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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Raleigh Game On is coming back. So too are other events that will highlight the Triangle’s growing videogame community.

On Aug. 29, both gamers and developers from the Triangle area came out to the first ever Raleigh Game On event. It was a lot of fun, with drinks, good company and a lot of great games to try out. At the turn out were developers Mighty Rabbit Studios, FairLady Media, Nakai Entertainment and more. On display were Xbox 360 games, iPad and iPod games and even PC games.

Raleigh Game On will strike again on Nov 14, once again at The Hive in downtown Raleigh as it begins its quarterly cycle.

If you missed Raleigh Game On or just want to try out some more games, Raleigh’s upcoming sixth annual SPARKcon will also be working in conjunction with Raleigh Game On to give us: geekSPARK’s Gaming Showcase. Founded in 2006, SPARKcon is a local event that seeks to “showcase, celebrate and influence the creative momentum of the Triangle region of North Carolina.” Put on by hundreds of volunteers and over 50 organizers to showcase art, film, games, fashion and more, hundreds of local art talents are going to be on display at SPARKcon.

The Gaming Showcase will take place on Friday, Sep. 16 from 6-9 PM and Saturday Sep.17 from 1-9 PM at Fragment, 226 Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh. Similar to Raleigh Game On, developers will be showcasing both completed and still in-development titles for the public to try out and give their feedback on while interacting with the developers themselves.

So whether you are a developer or gamer, make sure you come out to geekSPARK’s Gaming Showcase on Sep. 16 and Raleigh Game On’s second event on Nov 14. With great companies and fantastic games, we can continue to showcase the Gaming Industry talent the Triangle has to offer.

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Deus Ex publisher Square Enix says they have sold over 2 million copies of their phenomenal game so far. Our review gives it a 9/10, so I am not surprised it has sold so well, also considering the fact it is a fan favorite series. This comes alongside news that the first DLC has been announced for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, “The Missing Link.”

The Missing Link will take place during the time period in Human Revolution where Adam Jensen has disappeared. The DLC will allow you to level up a different set of augmentations as you explore a new storyline alongside new allies. Naturally we should also see some new levels along the way and I really can’t wait to see those, the cityscapes of Human Revolution were jaw dropping. So far there is no release date, but we can expect it to drop sometime this year.

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