The U.S. government remains a large customer for IBM, but Big Blue’s acquisition of i2 is the latest example of the company’s effort to grow government revenue outside its home geography.

Perhaps more than any other technology company, IBM brings an ability to “get local” by building physical and mindshare presence at the ground level in key markets through the location of facilities, cooperation with local universities and governments and partnership with leading providers. The acquisition of i2 is an example of how acquisitions can play a role in expanding IBM’s presence at the government level outside of the U.S.

Headquartered in the U.K., i2 brings IBM a strong presence in a number of European government organizations. The company counts 4,500 customers and 25 of the 28 NATO member nations as customers. This acquisition, along with IBM’s numerous ongoing programs, will ensure the Smarter Planet and Government initiatives are relevant on a global, as well as national level.

Along with mature markets, high-growth countries and emerging markets also present a large opportunity for IBM to expand its capabilities to help sustain growth. Combined with IBM, i2’s technology customers will be able to align and coordinate resources and information around agencies including police, healthcare, safety, social services, energy and water.

The technology is also predicative, essential to protecting high-growth markets and ensuring supported development in high growth regions, which will ultimately save money and resources.

Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) and emerging markets are experiencing rapid growth that IBM plans to capitalize on with short-term product sales and long-term business relationships. By implementing “smarter” technologies, IBM establishes its footprint in these regions before competitors, forming a large customer base to cross-sell and up-sell as the regions grow in terms of businesses, technology and sophistication.

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