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RALEIGH, N.C. – Day two of Major League Gaming: Raleigh commenced Saturday amid stormy weather thankfully devoid of any real hurricane trouble. It was once again a capacity crowd, with spectator seating overflowing into the aisles for the stage area set aside for the Starcraft 2 competition.

Call of Duty: Quantic Leverage stays alive

Quantic Leverage, the Mlg Dallas and Anaheim Black Ops champions and current the No. 1 seed in Raleigh, faced off in the loser’s bracket against No. 8 seed Twisted Method.

Going into the match Quantic Leverage was 2-1, with team Collapse taking their winner’s bracket. However Quantic Leverage was still looking good and playing like the champions that they are.

Led by their team captain Patrick “Aches” Price from Sanford, who would score 20 kills and an amazing three captures in a Capture the Flag game on the map Firing Range, Quantic took an early one game lead . Following the capture the flag was a search and destroy game on Hanoi, a game type that involves no respawns and a plant or defuse bomb mechanic to win. Leverage would open with a quick elimination of the other team, before Twisted Method would take control in the second round, and go on to win the game, tying things up 1-1.

The third game would be a great match of domination, a game type that requires holding on to up to three objectives, to tick enough points to win. Amidst Twisted Method’s trash talking that would include such brilliant taunts as “Come on!”, “Im too good!” and “you can’t handle this!” Quantic Leverage would defeat the brilliant wordsmith “Pwnstar” and take a 2-1 game lead.

The fourth game would be a capture the flag game dominated early by Twisted Method. Leverage would make a push later in the game but Twisted Method would hold on to win and tie the match at 2-2.

In the final game, Leverage’s Aches would counter the articulate jabs of Pwnstar by killing him multiple times, leading Quantic Leverage in their execution of a 4-1 Search and Destroy victory to seal the series three games to 2two.

In a post-game interview, Aches said even though his team was in the losers’ bracket, they are champions and “If we come back from the loser’s bracket, we are going to win this tournament.” Aches would also counter Pwnstar’s claims of being “too good” by saying that “We aren’t going to lose to Twisted Method man, Come on!”

Ba-zing! Two can play it seems.

Quantic Leverage is still in a good place to win this tournament but they have some steep competition in undefeated team eon EnVy and a strong 17th seed Collapse at 4-1 who took Leverage’s winner’s bracket. The tournament concludes Sunday with matches starting at 10 a.m. and the championship finals are at 4:30PM.

Other finals today

Sunday is the last day of MLG Raleigh 2011, so make sure you stop by for the championship round! (For Starcraft coverage from Saturday, read here.)

League of Legends finals kick off at 10 a.m. with prizes of $12,500 for the 1st Place team and $7,500 for 2nd Place on the line.

Halo: Reach finals begin at 4:30PM, with $20,000 on the line for 1st place.

Black Ops finals also begin at 4:30PM, first place bringing in $10,000.

Last but certainly not least are the Starcraft 2 finals beginning at 7:00PM with $5,000 on the line for the champion!

See you there!

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