The latest news from IBM (NYSE: IBM):

  • IBM’s cognitive computing was not the only big news at a major chip conference, PCMag says.

“If you’re interested in new ideas for computer processors, yesterday was filled with interesting stories, ranging from IBM’s “cognitive computing” concept to a number of talks at the HotChips conference, including IBM’s new “Blue Gene / Q Compute” chip, Tilera’s massively multicore chips, and Intel’s plans to add a random-number generator to each of its CPUs,” wrote Michael Miller.

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  • HP strategy faces immense challenge in its transition from both IBM and Oracle. eWeek provides an analysis.

“Hewlett-Packard’s shocking one-two punch—that it would discontinue making its webOS mobile devices, and look to shed its PC business—is the sort of thing that business schools will be analyzing for years to come,” eWeek says.

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  • Inside ‘Deep Thunder’ – IBM’s play in the weather space, as reported by Indiana TV station WANE.

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