Editor’s note: Jillian Mirandi and Elizabeth Hedstrom Henlin are analysts with Technology Business Research.

HP CEO’s software vision comes into focus with its $10 billion Autonomy buy

With the announcement of its acquisition of Autonomy, HP may finally move “all-in” on both cloud and business analytics. TBR maintains that communication and systems management lie at the core of future cloud adoption – core strengths for the Autonomy portfolio.

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CEO Léo Apotheker proves his ongoing commitment to software as a main driver of HP’s corporate future with an Autonomy acquisition, particularly as the speculated price point is in excess of SAP’s 2010 $5.8 billion Sybase purchase and at par with Oracle’s 2004 $10.3 billion PeopleSoft acquisition.

Autonomy is the next step in HP’s ongoing evolution from a product-focused company into a customer-focused company that delivers business value

Autonomy has the ability to eliminate confusion caused by the clutter of legacy, on-premise, public and private cloud applications by making data “autonomous”. HP has the opportunity to expand the reach of its Vertica portfolio by layering Autonomy’s “data-agnostic” capabilities on top of the platforms proven interoperability, increasing value for customers through an accelerating “return on information.”

Autonomy enables applications to communicate with one another, regardless of how data is structured or where it resides. Customers can more readily leverage content and drive collaboration across their infrastructures, making the adoption of new technology more appealing by coupling it with the optimization of previous investments.

With Autonomy in HP’s corporate stable, its business intelligence and overall software capabilities would be that much more able to offer customers a “one-stop-shop” for nimble, agile, and comprehensive deployments. Pending the acquisition, HP will bring more fire power to bear with the ongoing battle between IBM Netezza, EMC Greenplum and Oracle Hyperion.

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