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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – After the recent release of the newest 20 man raid instance Hammerknell Fortress, the MMORPG Rift has seen a number of exciting new bosses added to the game in this ruined dwarven citadel.

If that wasn’t enough to keep current players of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) interested, today Trion Worlds releases Rift patch 1.4 with a number of additions and fine tunings.

For those who haven’t yet tried Rift, – make sure you head over to Riftgame.com and get the free trial – the game focuses primarily around rifts that open, allowing other planes of existence to spill into Telara, the planet of mortals. With path 1.4 we also see PvP oriented rifts, rifts that must be defended from the enemy faction – either Guardians or Defiants – to gain additional PvP rewards.

Also before today there has only been one ten man instance, but today the Drowned Halls make their debut in the zone Scarwood Reach. The Drowned Halls promise raid-quality loot on an introductory difficulty level.

For those who haven’t yet tried raiding, Tier 2 5-man dungeons now offer new items, marks of ascension – raid gear currency – and a cross-shard – server- looking for group system! Also crafted gear has gotten a huge overhaul with new recipes complete with item set bonuses.

Today’s patch incorporates as well a very large number of fine tunings to the game, making the user interface more intuitive, streamlining quests, fine tuning existing bosses and even tuning up of the playable character classes.

PvP rewards have had their prices reduced prior to the higher end tiers and with the inclusion of alternate warfronts – the player vs player battlegrounds – that include double rewards on weekends, and a temporary overall boost to PvP reward rates, now is a better time than ever to get out there and battle your rival faction.

If you haven’t yet tried Rift, there has been no better time! See you in Telara!

(Watch the trailer at YouTube here.)

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