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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – A new trailer is out for Gears of War 3, featuring Horde mode 2.0, as well as the song “Gears of War” from Ice-T’s band Bodycount.

And it’s a thriller.

This trailer shows off some fantastic Horde mode additions: Berserkers, turret upgrades, automated sentries, lambent locust and even a brumak – yikes.

Also it shows some of the new characters such as Anya and Griffin – voiced by Ice-T.

Not enough?

We see more of the new weapon selection in Gears 3, such as the oneshot – a one shot one kill heavy weapon, although I’m not so sure it retains its effectiveness against berserkers – the sawed off shotgun, retro lancer and more.

This comes along with news that Gears of War 3 developed by Cary-based Epic Games has become the fourth highest selling item at BestBuy.com, on preorders alone!

If you still can’t get enough Gears of War 3 before Sept. 20’s release date, Karen Traviss – the writer of Gears of War 3 – has a new novel out in her Gears of War series: Coalition’s End. Coalitions End is out in hard back, retailing at $26.99. The first three in the series, Aspho Fields, Jacinto’s Remnant and Anvil Gate are out in paperback.

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