Editor’s note: Ryan Smith is a longtime gamer and freelance writer who lives in Raleigh, NC. A graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in business and marketing, he has written in the past for WRAL Tech Wire and GameArgus.com. He currently plays Xbox 360 and PC as well as Nintendo DS. He can be reached via e-mail (ryannicksmith@gmail.com)

CARY, N.C. – Bulletstorm, co-produced by Unreal/Gears of War developer Epic Games and subsidiary People Can Fly, turned out to be a huge critical success. 

Released in the February, the game averaged a review of 83 out of 100 across platforms at Metacritic, proved yet again that critics enjoy Epic’s secondary franchises, not just their AAA titles from proven lines.

However, despite reviews as high as 10/10, Bulletstorm did not make a profit, according to Epic President Mike Capps.

Financial analysts predict in the first month Bulletstorm barely sold 300,000 copies which, according to Capps in an interview with Kotaku, “underperformed”.

In the age of the First Person Shooter, why did an innovative and new title, hailed by critics, fail to deliver profitable sales? Hopefully this will be addressed by Capps next month when he addresses the Game Developer’s Conference Europe.

To some, Bulletstorm probably seemed simple filler, providing a beta entry code for Epic’s hugely anticipated Gears of War 3 that will be released in September.

But one thing is for sure, Epic still has faith in People Can Fly. Capps claims they “have shipped AAA content” and the next game we see will be even bigger and badder.

In the mean time we may be seeing a return of the legendary Unreal/Unreal Tournament series, as Capps states in an interview with Industrygamers, “We haven’t been giving Unreal the attention it deserves.”

With the financial disappointment of Bulletstorm, now is as good a time as any to return to root of their success with the Unreal and Gears lines.

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