Gov. Bev Perdue reportedly will announce Tuesday morning that Durham-based Semprius will built a semiconductor production plant near Henderson.

Perdue’s office disclosed the timing and place for the announcement on Monday.

The News and Observer in Raleigh said Semprius is the likely candidate.

Semprius is in the process of raising $30 million in new venture capital. The company has closed on $20 million in the current round, and it has said funds would be used to build a “pilot plant.” (Read more details here.)

Investors for Semprius include utility giant Siemens, which recently bought a 16 percent share of the company, Durham-based Intersouth Partners and In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA.

Semprius’ technology includes a patented manufacturing process that enables semiconductors to be printed onto glass, plastic or other materials for use in solar panels, liquid-crystal displays, advanced disk drivers and other devices.

Its process enables transistors to be formed on traditional silicon substrates that in turn can be sliced off and then mounted on flexible displays made of plastic, glass or other materials. The transistors could be produced as thin as 100 nanometers. (One nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter.)

The pilot plant would be built for production of its best-known product: solar panel modules. The goal is to prepare the way for large-scale production.

Semprius is banking on continuing growth in demand for solar power and says its technology enables production of “extremely tiny” photovoltaic cells that amplify sunlight “more than 1,000 times.” To help manufacturers, Semprius says its process can be used on existing equipment and with current commodity materials, thus cutting capital and other costs

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