SJF Institute, a non-profit organization with the mission of boosting entrepreneurs and startups, is merging with an angel fund in California.

As part of the deal, SJF Institute will now manage Investors’ Circle, which is based in San Francisco. Launched in 1992, it includes some 150 investors. Some $145 million has been invested in more than 200 companies by the group.

The two organizations hope the merger will mean more investment opportunities as well as broader support for entrepreneurs.

Bonny Moellenbrock, executive director of SJF Institute, will lead both organizations.

Suzanne Biegel, acting chief executive officer of Investors’ Circle, will serve on that group’s advisory board.

SJF Institute is affiliated with the venture capital firm SJF Ventures.

“IC and SJF Institute are completely mission aligned – we believe that entrepreneurship is key to addressing the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges and supporting the economy,” Biegel said in a statement. “Early stage impact investors are looking for investment-ready companies led by passionate, capable entrepreneurs, and to align their investments with their values.”

SJF Institute, which was formed in 2001, provides assistance to entrepreneurs and offers programs to help new ventures grow.

“We see a great deal of synergy in bringing together our entrepreneur and venture networks with the IC investment network,” Moellenbrock said in a statement. “We want to build a vibrant capital marketplace to put more impact entrepreneurs on a clear path to strong financial growth and measurable social and environmental impact. We know this is the pipeline that later stage institutional investors are seeking. When this happens, everyone wins: the entrepreneurs, the investors, communities, and the planet.”

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