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PALO ALTO, Calif. – Quick on the heels of Google’s launch of its latest social-networking venture, Facebook is rolling out video calls. It’s powered by Internet phone company Skype.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised “something awesome” for Wednesday’s news conference. What Facebook delivered is a trio of new chat features, including the earlier reported Skype-video chat integration.

Facebook said Wednesday that it is also rolling out a group chat feature. Facebook users can now create instant group chats if they want to quickly message a small group of their friends.

Zuckerberg says Facebook now has 750 million users. And they share 4 billion things such as photos, links and status updates on the site every day.

Facebook says video calling will be available to everyone over the next few weeks.

Wednesday’s announcement from Facebook comes almost a week after Google launched its latest social network, Google+.
Google+ is accessible on an invite-only basis, but the company is keen to get a foothold in the social networking sector.

Zuckerberg also is participating in Google+ and as of Wednesday 34,000 followers – more than Google CEO Larry Page.

The new service has been received with mostly positive reviews, earning praise for its Circles and Hangouts features. Circles lets users easily drag-and-drop contacts into groupings with customizable security and privacy settings.

Hangouts, meanwhile, lets users chat and collaborate in realtime using webcams. Users may also collectively watch videos on YouTube.

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