By WRAL Tech Wire

RALEIGH, N.C. – Peak 10 Inc. is now providing managed data center services to the North Carolina Foundation for Advanced Health Programs (NCFAHP).

The non-profit organization that works to supply North Carolinians with access to affordable healthcare services engaged Peak 10 this week for a variety of IT solutions including virtualization, network security, backup and storage management, and complex hosting for the company’s extensive Medication Access and Review Program (MARP) software.

“Both our partners and our management team were greatly impressed with Peak 10’s high-quality customer service and also the multiple levels of security for their facilities,” said Susan Yaggy, NCFAHP president and CEO.

“As we move our proprietary software from a server-based platform to a Web-based platform, Peak 10’s IT solutions will be critical to the daily functioning of this software in clinics and sites using MARP to access free medications for uninsured North Carolina patients,” continued Yaggy.

The N.C. Foundation for Advanced Health Programs has developed innovative programs to improve access to care for rural and low-income North Carolinians. Its proprietary software, MARP, is a system that helps clinics, practices and agencies serving the uninsured gain access to free prescription medications offered by pharmaceutical companies.

The NCFAHP provides the software without charge to users.

Since 2003, MARP users have served more than 100,000 uninsured North Carolina patients and secured a little more than $500 million in prescription medications. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Rural Health and Community Care, provides the staffing and technical assistance to sites using MARP software.

Peak 10 offers a wide range of technology solutions including virtualization, managed hosting and cloud-based services in a cost-efficient and reliable platform for its customers. The company owns and operates data centers in 10 key markets nationwide.

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