Alex Levinson, an information security engineer and senior engineer for Katana Forensics in San Francisco, is disputing a report from two O’Reilly researchers that Apple iPhone and iPad user data is being tracked and collected.

WRAL Tech Wire included a story about the O’Reilly report written by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden on Wednesday. (Read the post here.)

In a blog post, Levinson said that he had discovered and published information about the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) data process “months ago.”

“Apple is not harvesting this data from your device,” Levinson wrote. “This is data on the device that you as the customer purchased and unless they can show concrete evidence supporting this claim – network traffic analysis of connections to Apple servers – I rebut this claim in full.”

Levinson also wrote that the “hidden file is neither new nor secret.”

“It’s just moved,” he added. “Location services have been available to the Apple device for some time. Understand what this file is – a log generated by the various radios and sensors located This ‘discovery’ was published months ago.

Read Levinson’s detailed rebuttal here.

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