Storms are on the horizon even for a strikingly successful videogame company, concedes Mike Capps, president of Epic Games in Cary.

Epic unveiled a trial version of its forthcoming “Gears of War 3” this week, and it’s expected to be a big holiday season hit. The company also is receiving a lot of praise for its first move into the Apple operating system space and for “Bullestorm,” a big seller created by its People Can Fly Subsidiary. Its Unreal engine is widely used across the industry.

However, the videogame sector is suffering from lagging sales, and the picture only worsened last quarter with the market dropping again, according to industry tracker NPD Group. (Read details here.)

So what’s going on?

“If there’s anything that’s killing us [in the traditional games business] it’s dollar apps,” Capps told James Brightman in an interview published at Industry Games. “How do you sell someone a $60 game that’s really worth it … They’re used to 99 cents. As I said, it’s an uncertain time in the industry. But it’s an exciting time for whoever picks the right path and wins.”

Capps said the entire industry is at an inflection point.

“We have not been this uncertain about what’s coming next in the games industry since Epic’s been around for 20 years,” he told Brightman.

For the full interview, read here.

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