Nonprofits have been slow to adopt new technologies, a new survey says.

Forty percent of over 500 staff members and volunteers surveyed by Zoomerang say their nonprofits do not have a website, and 68 percent do not use social media to help market or run their organization.

Forty-seven percent plan to use websites for marketing, while 27 percent plan to add social-media channels.

Many nonprofits still depend heavily on donations using traditional means, with 68 percent counting on mail for checks or forms, 47 percent counting on in-person collection points, and 47 percent counting on events.

Only 5 percent of collect payments using mobile technology, while only 27 percent use websites to collect payments, 10 percent use PayPal and 9 percent use other online options.

“While a majority of the nonprofits surveyed indicated that they prefer to use traditional methods for collecting donations, they are looking for new opportunities,” Alex Terry, general manager of Zoomerang Online Surveys and Polls, says in a statement. “The charitable efforts around the Haiti disaster showcased mobile’s impact and we encourage more nonprofits to fully take advantage of the power of mobile.”

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