IBM (NYSE: IBM) researchers believe they have found a way to combat bacteria that resist antibiotics by using nanotechnology.

The Wall Street Journal calls the advance “Big Blue’s tiny bug zapper.”

The team at an IBM facility in San Jose, Calif. say the nano particles can destroy the cell walls of the resistant bacteria. The particles then disintegrate.

The researchers’ findings were reported in the journal Nature Chemistry.

Numerous news outlets reported the medical advance over the weekend.

The IBM team worked with the Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore.

James Hendrick, the head of the IBM team, called the development “extraordinarily promising at this stage.”

The world of medicine could be changed by the advance, said Mario Raviglione, the head of the World Health organization’s “Stop TB [tuberculosis]” group.

“If this is proven to work in humans, it will simply revolutionize the way we deal with antimicrobial treatment,” he told Bloomberg news.

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