ArtusLabs, a Morrisville-based startup focused on knowledge management, is now part of PerkinElmer.

The Massachusetts-based company closed on the acquisition of ArtusLabs on Wednesday night. Financial terms were not disclosed.

However, PerkinElmer disclosed some information in an announcement concering the Artus deal and the acquisition of CambridgeSoft. The cost of the deal is some $220 million plus contingencies of up to an additional $15 million, PerkinElmer said.

Combined, ArtusLabs and CambridgeSoft produced annual revenues of $65 million, PerkinElmer added.

ArtusLabs developed the Ensemble product that is designed to help boost research and development at life science, chemical and petrochemical companies.

Led by entrepreneur Robin Smith, ArtusLabs launched four years ago.

Financial investors included Southern Capitol Ventures and Hatteras Venture Partners.

Smith and his team will join PerkinElmer and maintain an office in Morrisville, according to David Jones of Southern Capitol. 

Southern Capitol also invested in Smith’s first venture, Synthematix, which was acquired in 2005.

PerkinElmer (NYSE: PKI) focuses on health and safety for people and the environment.

“The ability to integrate scientific tools and informatics is becoming increasingly critical for our customers as they look to drive productivity and speed to market,” said Robert Friel, chief executive officer and chairman of PerkinElmer, in a statement. “CambridgeSoft brings strong customer relationships and excellent organizational capability, along with market leading products in both desktop and enterprise-wide software. ArtusLabs provides us with innovative technology enabling enhanced access to scientific knowledge, and is highly complementary to CambridgeSoft’s informatics solutions.”

CambridgeSoft is based in Massachusetts.

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