March Madness fans, looking for hard data to back up claims that your team is best?

StatSheet, the Durham-based startup that focuses on robot-generated sports content, is rolling out a new tool just for rivals who want to buttress their arguments with more than opinion.

Called “StatSmack,” the service allows fans to match their favorite teams with others.

“The StatSmack application arms you with statistical data that will empirically show that your favorite team is better than any other team on the planet,” says StatSheet.

For example, which team is better, Duke or Carolina?

The StatSmack offers plenty of data culled from hordes of resources to provide plenty of fodder for numbers crunching and debate. StateSheet already offers data-laden sites for all NCAA Division I teams. StatSmack is based on “over a billion statistics,” the company says.

StatSmack also automatically updates team information.

“StatSmack analyzes StatSheet’s database to find the key areas where your school excels,” StatSheet says. “Whether it’s head-to-head record over 30 years, NCAA tournament wins, winning percentage in close games or even who has a better graduation rate or taller players – the comparisons don’t stop. However, in the spirit of fair play, it is easy for your friend to turn the tables on you, as the StatSmack database plays no favorites.”

Robbie Allen, the founder and chief executive officer of StatSheet, says StatSmack will “elevate the art of trash talking.”

In comparing Duke and Carolina, StatSmack provides statistics to make the case that each team is better based on:

• This season’s results
• Historical results
• How players compare over the years
• Why each university is better

StatSmack also compares demographics and crime rates of Chapel Hill and Durham.

Now that is real trash talking.

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