Lenovo is trying to take some of the pain out of PC support and related services such as home networking service with a new lineup of “Lenovo Care Premium Support Services.”

A 12-month package of full support is available from the world’s No. 4 PC manufacturer for $179.

“We know most customers first turn to PC-makers for help with any kind of PC question including issues with hardware, software and connectivity. In response, we created Lenovo Care Premium Support Services to extend our level of support and meet their needs on the first call,” said Bill DeLong, vice president of Services for Mature Markets at Lenovo. “We are the experts on Lenovo products, so our support technicians can more quickly solve issues and get customers enjoying their PC and digital home experience.”

Lenovo also disclosed what it says are the most common IT support requests:

Top 10 Lenovo Consumer IT Support Calls

1. I need help connecting my new printer, MP3, or other peripheral to my PC
2. My PC runs like a dinosaur. It just chugs along. How do I speed it up?
3. I just want to get my PC back to its original state. What do I do?
4. I want to cruise the web, but the browser loads super slowly. What’s wrong?
5. Every time I go to a website, there are pop-ups asking for my credit card information. How do I make them stop?
6. My Internet connection worked yesterday, but now it doesn’t. What’s wrong?
7. I’m connected to the Internet, but there’s something wrong with my browser. It won’t load.
8. My PC crashed – I’m afraid I lost my pictures and personal data. Is there a way to recover them?
9. There’s something wrong with the operating system. I’m getting a blue screen.
10. How do I set up my wireless router connection to my PC?

For more about the new services and pricing, read here.

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