The online world of emerging media is rapidly evolving, and getting up to speed on the digital space is imperative for any business determined to secure a position as an industry leader. Often, this presents a major challenge due to time constraints, budget constraints or simply not knowing where to begin. However, the opportunity afforded those savvy enough to utilize digital marketing channels is worth the effort.

More than 700 billion videos were viewed online in the last year. Facebook surpassed Google in weekly hits to become the most highly visited site in the U.S. Twitter receives over 24 billion search queries each month. How and where people are seeking and consuming information has changed, so migrating to meet the customer on his medium of preference is how businesses stay relevant.

The Three Ships Media team pulled together a few resources to help you ramp up your digital media knowledge:

General Digital Media Information

• TechCrunch – The most “on-pulse” update on innovation in digital marketing and Internet technology. I’ve discovered many interesting vendors, competitors, and partners from reading it.
• Silicon Alley Insider – Does a very good job of giving a “10,000 foot view” of digital marketing and companies involved.
• All Things Digital – Rarely the first to break interesting news, but the senior writers there Peter Kafka, Walt Mossberg, and Kara Swisher, give some of the most well-reasoned criticism and coverage in the space
• PaidContent – Rafat Ali does a good job covering Internet technology from a more investment minded perspective.

Social Media, SEO and Digital Marketing In Depth

• Occam’s Razor – This is written by Avinash Kaushik, Google’s analytics lead, and it is highly technical but useful for advanced thoughts on web analytics trends.
• Hubspot Inbound Marketing Blog – Competitive company that produces a lot of good material on using digital media to drive business activity.
• Social Media Explorer – This is a beginner-level look at social media trends by a “social media guru”, Jason Falls. This is a good site to start exploring the space and important concepts.
• Social Media Examiner – Another good beginner level look at social media and digital marketing.
• Top Rank Online Marketing – Good blog on search and general digital marketing best practices.
• SEOmoz blog – Great resource for Search Engine Optimization information and up to date news and events in the marketing industry.
If you’re looking for a quick primer on Digital Marketing Campaigns, Online Promotion or SEO as you’re getting up to speed, download one of our guides and let us know what you think.

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