By WRAL Tech Wire

Research Triangle Park, N.C. – Some of the latest high-tech and life science related news from the Triangle, North Carolina, the southeast and the world is just a click away.

• U.S. retail sales of video game consoles and software dropped 4 percent in January but the falloff would have been larger if not for the burgeoning popularity of Ubisoft’s “Just Dance 2” and other dancing games.Read more details here.

• Apple and Google are making it easier for consumers to subscribe to digital media on an array of devices. The companies launched rival services this week that allow publishers to set terms and billing for content selected and distributed in apps — as long as Apple and Google can grab a piece of the revenue that’s generated.Read more details here.

• Stanford University researchers have developed an innovative technology for enabling the simultaneous transmission and reception of wireless signals over a single Wi-Fi channel. The goal is to help wireless service operators double the speed of their existing networks. Read more details here.

• Web-based e-mail, social-networking and peer-to-peer services are frustrating law enforcement wiretapping efforts, a lawyer for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation told lawmakers Thursday, but she did not offer concrete ideas on how to fix the problem.Read more details here.

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