By WRAL Tech Wire

Research Triangle Park, N.C. – Some of the latest high-tech and life science related news from the Triangle, North Carolina, the southeast and the world is just a click away.

• Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday called on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to rescind its network neutrality order from last December, but the agency’s chairman defended the decision.Read more details here.

• Two lawmakers have urged the FCC to conduct a full investigation into a privacy breach involving Google’s Street View. Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) and John Barrow (D-Ga.) want the FCC to examine an incident last year involving cars that take “street view” images for Google Maps. They called for the investigation in a letter sent to the FCC on Wednesday.Read more details here.

• Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be among the tech elite President Barack Obama is expected to meet with Thursday night in San Francisco. While the White House won’t release the official guest list for the presidential dinner until later today, sources say many of the executives who met with Obama in Washington in December to discuss job creation are expected to attend. Those leaders included Google’s Eric Schmidt, Intel’s Paul Otellini, and Cisco Systems’ John Chambers.Read more details about Obama’s trip out West.

• Cable TV and other companies that provide subscription services are striking back at the notion that people are dropping their TV packages en masse to watch video over the Internet. Industry gains in the fourth quarter returned to normal following a spate of cancellations spurred by the end of discounted pricing.Read more details here.

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