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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Ping Fu, co-founder and chief executive officer at Geomagic, probably will have to keep her bags packed as long as President Obama is in office.

The RTP executive, who was forced out of her native China in the wake of the Cultural Revolution and came to America to build a multi-million dollar company, keeps getting calls or publicity from the White House.

The Obama administration keeps citing Ping and Geomagic as examples of entrepreneurship. Just last week, she was invited to Washington to tout a small business initiative. In doing so, Ping laid out in detail how her company reorganized and brought jobs back to the US in order to survive the recession.

So whom did Obama cite as an example of how Americans can rebound from tough times?

Here’s a paragraph from his speech:

“Right now, businesses across this country are proving that America can compete. Caterpillar is opening a new plant to build excavators in Texas that used to be shipped from Japan. In Tennessee, Whirlpool is opening their first new US factory in more than a decade. Dow is building a new plant in Michigan to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles. A company called Geomagic, a software maker, decided to close down its overseas centers in China and Europe and move their R&D to the United States. These are companies bringing jobs back to our shores.”

(You can read the full speech here.)

Last summer, Ping was named to an innovation council by the administration along with UNC-CH Chancellor Holden Thorp.

In January 2010, Ping was one of 50 CEOs invited to a White House event to talk business. She impressed enough people then to be invited to sit with the First Lady at the State of the Union speech a few days later/

What’s next, a spot in the Cabinet? An economic advisor?

As the economy shapes up to be THE issue in next year’s presidential campaign, the bet here is Ping’s phone is going to keep ringing with a caller ID of area code 202.

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