“Bulletstorm,” the violence-packed video game due out from Cary-based Epic Games on Feb. 22, is not for kids – or the faint of heart.

The game is filled with “frequent bloody violence and strong language,” warns the British Board of Film Classification in announcing that it had assigned Bullestorm an “18” rating.

However, the BBFC also noted that “This work was passed with no cuts made.”

All along, Bulletstorm has been touted by Epic, its People Can Fly subsidiary which created it, and Electronic Arts the publisher as a shoot-’em-up festival of gore.

“Putting fun back in the gun,” they proclaim in a video trailer preview at YouTube.

And its slogan: “Kill with skill.”

Epic is best known for its “Gears of War” and “Unreal Tournament” franchises as well as its widely used Unreal game development engine.

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