Atomic Games, which nearly shut down when its controversial video game “Six Days in Fallujah” was canceled 17 months ago, is rolling out a new fight-filled title this week.

“Breach” hit store shelves Tuesday.

Videogame website Kotaku calls Breach “The New Breed of Destruction.”

“Breach is unlike any other game,” says the Raleigh-based company. “It is the first military shooter to use precise and massive destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat. Combined with an advanced cover system where players can use cover even while it is being destroyed around them, Breach enables real-world tactics never possible before now.”

Atomic President Peter Tamte readily acknowledges that technology developed for the Fallujah title is used in Breach. Atomic says it “makes multiplayer combat much more like the real thing.”

“We are proud to release an original title that has the quality and innovation of a major retail game at a price anyone can afford,” Tamte said in announcing the release of Breach.

“By using technology originally built for Six Days in Fallujah, Breach offers features no one else can match at any price,” he added. “Our destruction and cover systems will forever change the way games are played.”

Atomic’s financial support crumbled in April of 2009 due to controversy about the Fallujah title. Designed to recreate the bloody battle in the Iraqi city, its subject matter ignited criticism that triggered a decision by Japan-based Konami to withdraw as the game’s publisher. Thousands of people, including many Iraqi citizens, and 38 U.S. soldiers, were killed in the fighting.

Dozens of Marines helped develop the Fallujah game.

Breach’s story line is about the CIA’s Special Activities Division that carries out a variety of fight-filled missions. Atomic says the game’s “Destruction Toolbox” provides players in the first-person shooter access to “a whole new set od real military tactics that are not possible in any other military game.”

“Use these new tactics to shock, manipulate, and obliterate your opponents,” Atomic says.

Breach is available on the Xbox Live network and also for Windows-equipped PCs. It costs $19.99 or less.

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