Just in time to help people who are already have trouble keeping New Year’s resolutions about better health habits is a new website from GlaxoSmithKline.

The drug giant is offering “HealthCoach4Me.com” as an interactive tool for consumers to keep track of their health goals – and progress in reaching those benchmarks.

“HealthCoach4Me is an innovative website that combines the latest science in behavior change with cutting edge technology in a creative way,” said Ruth Wolever, the director of Behavioral Health and Lifestyle Coaching at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center; and director of Health Psychology for Duke Integrative Medicine.

“It helps people focus on small steps to achieve their personal goals, motivating them to adopt healthier habits,” added Wolever, who acted as a consultant for the website project.

The website offers tools for nutrition, exercise, weight management, stress management and smoking cessation as well as information and coaching about management of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and migraines.

“Our goal is to provide tools to help consumers achieve better overall health outcomes,” said Mark Johnson, vice president of GSK. “While excellent health coaching tools are offered for specialty areas like smoking cessation or weight management, we believe that HealthCoach4Me takes disease management to the next level and enables people to work on a broader set of personal health goals.”

Visit the website here.

GSK maintains its U.S. headquarters in RTP and employs some 5,000 people in the area.

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