Fresh from the launch of “Infinity Blade” for Mac devices, Epic Games is further embracing Apple with the release of a Mac game developers kit.

“Until now, only select Unreal Engine 3 commercial licensees have had access to the engine’s world-class mobile game development tools, which bring top of the line, triple-A visuals to handheld gaming platforms,” Epic said in a statement.

Epic unveiled its commitment to Apple and mobile devices with a free “Epic Citadel” App in September. The app has already been downloaded to more than 1.5 million Mac iOS devices, according to Epic.

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Meanwhile, an Epic executive shed more light into why the Cary-based video game studio postponed an announcement at the Spike Video Game Awards Show on Saturday. Cliff Bleszinski, the best known of the company’s creative forces, told the website 1UP that more “strategizing” was needed before the news could be announced.

“One thing I’ve learned in the world of video games; it’s a war out there,” Bleszinski said.

“There’s a lot of strategizing going on and at any point something may shift due to a strategic move that needs to happen. So I came out [to the awards] potentially announcing something, it turns out the timing’s not right.”

Rumors continue to circulate that Epic is working on a project related to the Microsoft xb360 Kinect controller.

Epic already is developing a third edition of its multi-million selling “Gears of War” with Microsoft as the publisher for next year.

For Mac mobile device developers, Epic is making available a free version of its Unreal game engine development kit.

Chair Entertainment, an Epic subsidiary, released Infinity Blade as Epic’s first venture into the Mac world. It set sales records at the Mac apps store.

Developers can use the software free until they are ready to begin selling games. Then Epic gets a $99 license fee and royalties.

And what about Google Android? Epic Vice President Mark Rein told Forbes that the company isn’t ignoring the Google operating system.

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